Friday, December 9, 2016

Horrible Rohingya Fake News From The Daily Mail UK

A British tabloid said a Burmese soldier tasered a toddler. But the story was wrong. On Wednesday 8 December 2016, the Daily Mail UK published an article online with the headline: "Heartbreaking images show 'Rohingya toddler tortured with a stun gun by a laughing Burmese soldier' as Burma continues crackdown on the country's Muslim minority."

The story was false. While the Mail's article did indeed feature horrifying images of a toddler being attacked by a man with an electric prod, other details were wrong. The child was not Rohingya, a so-called persecuted Muslim minority in Burma. The person torturing him was not a Burmese soldier. The incident being filmed did not take place in Burma.

The Daily Mail's style has long been brash and divisive, and it has faced questions over its accuracy before. However, with the publication of the article, the British tabloid has stepped into a complicated and fraught battle over misinformation and "fake news" half a world away.

Rohingya Flooding Bangladesh With Billions Of Yaba Pills

The Myanmar connection: Up to 45 large yaba (methamphetamine) pill manufacturers in Myanmar are pouring millions of pieces of the deadly drug into Bangladesh, generating an unstoppable smuggling ring where hundreds of crores of taka is changing hands, sources in Border Guards Bangladesh and Rohingya refugees said.

In the process, Myanmar security forces and also separatist groups fighting for independence in rebel-held areas in Myanmar’s Shan State are directly patronising the illicit trade of yaba pills. The extent of the smuggling is so deep rooted that it is now threatening to destroy the lives of millions of youths in Bangladesh, several official sources said.

Our investigation reveals, on one side security forces and on Bangladesh side influential politically backed individual Mafia figures from as far as Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal and Khulna are controlling the immensely lucrative trade. In Teknaf and along the border with Myanmar, the trade has lured several hundred poor Bangladeshis as well as desperate Rohingya refugees, risking their lives regularly to do the courier job.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Modi Gone Mad & Demonetized India Like Burma Did

Mad Modi demolishs all large Rupee notes like Burma's
Mad Ne Win did so many times wrecking the economy.
NEW DELHI – On November 8, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that, at the stroke of midnight, some 14 trillion rupees worth of 500- and 1,000-rupee notes – 86% of all the currency in circulation – would no longer be legal tender. With that, India’s economy was plunged into chaos.

Modi’s stated goal was to make good on his campaign pledge to fight “black money”: the illicit proceeds – often held as cash – of tax evasion, crime, and corruption. He also hoped to render worthless the counterfeit notes reportedly printed by Pakistan to fuel terrorism against India. Nearly a month later, however, all the demonetization drive has achieved is severe economic disruption. Far from being a masterstroke, Modi’s decision seems to have been a miscalculation of epic proportions.

The announcement immediately triggered a mad scramble to unload the expiring banknotes. Though people have until the end of the year to deposit the notes in bank accounts, doing so in large quantities could expose them to high taxes and fines. So they rushed to gas pumps, to jewelry shops, and to creditors to repay loans. Long queues snaked in, out, and around banks, foreign-exchange counters, and ATMs – anywhere where people might exchange the soon-to-be-defunct notes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Burmese Army Drove Insurgents Out Of Mone-Koe

Mone-Koe Town under siege for last 14 days by the KIA-led Northern Alliance insurgents is finally free after another Light Infantry Division, the LID-11, of Burmese Army smashed through the insurgent lines constricting the town for two weeks.

After the town was secured and all the ethnic insurgents were driven out of the town and back into the next-door-neighbour China three Burmese Tactical Commanders from both LID-99 and LID-11 had a celebratory group photo with the back ground of Burmese flag continuously flying all 14 days under siege on the top of LID-99’s Mone-Koe Tactical Command Hill, the Byuhar Kone.

In the photo were the Tactical Commander of LID-99 First Tactical Command defending the town (Far Left), the Tactical Commander of LID-11 First Tactical Command which marched through the jungle smashing through enemy lines and mine-fields towards the town (Center), and the Tactical Commander of LID-99 Second Tactical Command which came through as a motorised/armoured column along the Kyukoke-Monekoe Road (Far-Right).

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NGO Ships Smuggling Muslims From Libya Into Europe

Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling: Ship-tracking software and reports from journalists prove that NGOs, the Italian Coast Guard, and people-smugglers coordinate their actions. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) exposes NGOs operating in Libyan territorial waters. Since the ouster of President Ghadafi, a growing number of Africans are smuggled into Europe for both political and profit purposes.

They travel via Libya from where they cross the Mediterranean. Different “humanitarian” organisations or NGOs involved are an indispensable part of the smuggle route to Europe. We noticed that the Italian coast guard, NGOs and locals coordinate their actions. Whatever they call it themselves, these operations cannot be classified as genuine rescue operations. The Dutch, Maltese and German based NGOs are part of the human smuggling network and one wonders, are these NGOs themselves criminal organisations.

Whatever the motives of these NGOs, their behaviour is illegal, and in countries governed by a constitution, i.e. European states, crime should be prosecuted regardless of the intention of its perpetrators. These NGOs get large sums of money from political operators like George Soros and also get a cut of money from the so-called rescued black Muslims through the human trafficking networks.

Monday, December 5, 2016

1942 Genocide of Buddhists in Maungdaw District

1942 Bengali-Yakhine Riots locally known as the Kalar-Yakhine Ahdikayone in Burmese began from Sittwe the capital city of Arrakan state in Burma in early 1942. Panicking British chased by Japanese army were withdrawing rapidly from Burma.

The so-called Arakan Frontier was left under the chaotic control of two Rajput Native Battalions (Bengali-Muslim-majority troops) from British India Army. The Indian-Muslim soldiers from First and Second Rajput Native Battalions together with the Bengali-Muslims (the Chitagonians) were raping the Buddhist Yakhine women and girls and killing Yakhine Men and boys all over the Sittwe town during that lawless vacuum. 

Finally the Buddhist Yakhines took the law into their own hands and started killing the British Indian soldiers and the Bengali soldiers in Sittwe. The full-blown Benglai-Yakhine riots soon spread to Myaybone, Minbyar, Myauk-U, and Kyauktaw townships.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Afghan Teenage Refugee Raped & Killed German Girl(19)

19-Yr old German rape-murder victim Maria L.
It was last Friday 02 December morning in Freiburg, the idyllic Black Forest town in Germany, when Martin Jäger (Christian Democrats), Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg, announced that 25 additional police officers were being sent to the city, which has been shaken by two sex killings of young white German women.

At 12.30 pm on the same day, the police were able to arrest the alleged rapist and murderer of the 19-year-old medical student Maria L. in the Freiburg district of Littenweiler. A 17-year-old Afghan refugee living with a family; he had come to the student town in southern Baden illegally as a so-called “unaccompanied minor refugee” (UMA) in 2015.

On the night of October 15 or the early morning of October16, the medical student Maria L., the daughter of a high-ranking German EU official, was raped near the Black Forest Stadium, and was found drowned shortly thereafter in the River Dreisam. It remains to be clarified by further investigation whether she was unconscious and thrown into the Dreisam after the rape, or if the murderer drowned her violently.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

One Legacy Of San Bernardino Terror: Trump Landslide

Friday, the LA Times headline on the one year anniversary of the San Bernardino Terrorist attack gave a glimpse into a media that has never been more out of touch with reality.

“We may never know why the San Bernardino terrorists targeted a Christmas party. Here’s what we do know.” Really? You don’t know or you don’t want to know?  That’s the question.

An Islamic Jihadist killed my neighbor one year ago today in San Bernardino—along with 13 others, and 22 who were seriously wounded—and now, his high-school age son, who plays football with my son, has no dad in the stands on Friday night.

Fear Society: 2005 Danish Mohammad Cartoons

Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear Society: Is democracy lost? Eleven years after the Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten published the Mohammed cartoons, the newspaper has a barbed-wire fence two meters high and one kilometer long. Kurt Westergaard, the illustrator who drew one of the cartoons (left), lives in hiding in a fortress, and Flemming Rose, the editor who commissioned the cartoons, has fled to the United States.

In the summer of 2005, the Danish artist Kåre Bluitgen, when he met a journalist from the Ritzaus Bureau news agency, said he was unable to find anyone willing to illustrate his book on Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. Three illustrators he contacted, Bluitgen said, were too scared. A few months later, Bluitgen reported that he had found someone willing to illustrate his book, but only on the condition of anonymity.

Like most Danish newspapers, Jyllands-Posten decided to publish an article about Bluitgen's case. To test the state of freedom of expression, Flemming Rose, Jyllands-Posten's cultural editor at the time, called twelve cartoonists, and offered them $160 each to draw a caricature of Mohammed. What then happened is a well-known, chilling story.